Formación en Barcelona

Family Constellations

The training in Barcelona is facilitated by Satyarthi, and accompanied by Prabhati. In this training there will be two specific modules offered by Subodhi, therapist and family constellation trainer. These modules are indicated for 2 and a half days.

Registrations are open until the 2nd training module, where the group is definitively closed to work together until the end of the training.

Calendario 2024 - 2025

September 28 and 29

October 26 and 24

November 23 and 24

Desember 21 and 22

January 25 and 26

February 21 (afternoon), 22 and 23

March 22 and 23

April 26 and 27

May 24 and 25

June 27 (afternoon), 28 and 29

July 12 and 13

July 26 and 27

Detalles de la formación en Barcelona


Centro el·Up c/ Trafalgar, 48, 3º interior – Barcelona


Saturday and Sunday from 10h to 19h.


2880€ precio total de la formación. Pago por módulo 240€ /módulo

Enrolment in the training guarantees participation in all open Family Constellation groups during the training. On Fridays, before the training starts, there is a constellation workshop open to anyone interested in participating or constellating.

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General Producer of Satyarthi Wuwei and Organizer of workshops and retreats in Barcelona