Somatic Psychodynamics of Attachment

Training in SPA

takes place over two years and consists of four modules

What is it about?

The dynamics of attachment according to John Bowlby, and the resulting developmental trauma according to Laurence Heller NARM (Neuroaffective Relational Model) they often cause dysfunctions and influence our relationships and behavior.

An early loss of attachment marks our identity, our emotions, and our bodily development. Exploring specific dynamics is focused on resources / supports and it is not cathartic. It takes place in the here and now with an eye to the wounds of the developmental stages.

The simultaneous exploration of the different aspects of the human being, both at the physical and psychological level, may involve expansion and perspectives for work with attachment and developmental trauma.

Tools and resources

Participants will explore in a theoretical and practical way attachment dynamics, NARM (Neuro-affective Relational Model), body posture fruit of personal evolutionary history.

  • Function of the autonomic and central nervous system.
  • Role of the body and nervous system in developmental trauma.
  • Understanding the distortion of identity.
  • Recognition of adaptive survival strategies.
  • The five basic biological needs and their implication in psychological development.
  • Pillars of process work.
  • The cycle of healing and work from top to bottom and vice versa.
Conference on training with Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser

The 4 modules

The training is aimed at professionals who work with people and for those interested in amplifying their psycho-physical-emotional experience.

Training offered in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish. The translator is qualified and has been translating in this field for more than 15 years.

Module 1
  • The nervous system in relation to arousal / activation, immobility, rest.
  • Establish resources.
  • The five basic biological needs
  • Existence, harmony, trust, autonomy, love and sexuality
Module 1
Module 2
  • Body posture and movement in relation to the phases of personal evolutionary history.
  • The cycle of healing and work from top to bottom and vice versa.
  • Understanding the distortion of identity.
  • Adaptation / needs structure
Module 2
Module 3
  • Pillars of process work.
  • Trust / Trust Structure
  • Structure of autonomy
Module 3
Module 4
  • Love and sexuality
  • Sexual identity
  • Heart relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Integration of the work processes learned.
Module 4

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Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser

Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser, recognized European therapist in the field of shock and trauma effects, integrative healing approaches. She developed her own training in Attachment. She is a professor at NARM, and is a member of the Somatic Experiencig® faculty.

Trained in Behavioral Activation Therapy, in PCA Client-Centered Therapy with Carl Rogers, in ISP (Comprehensive Somatic Psychology), in Somatic Experience with Peter Levine, and in Narm (neuro-affective relational model). She works primarily with shock and trauma effects.

Individualized and group practices with experience of more than 30 years. It carries out Supervisions, Individual Sessions and Seminars in Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

His work focuses on people. He works with the effects of shock and trauma in rape-abuse, prenatal reflexes and their impulses, embryology, understanding of the organs in relation to the shock of trauma, understanding… etc.

He has accompanied training teams for 15 years. He has a great variety of approach due to his long years of experience, which together with his curiosity, presence and attention give him a unique and close character to people.


Theo Kaiser

Theo Kaiser, German therapist born in 1953. He is a member of the Somatic Experiencig® faculty.

Certified in Rolfing, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Biodynamics with Dr. William M Allen. Visceral osteopathy with Didie Prat and J.P. Barral. Schok and Trauma Therapy with Dr. Peter Levine. Narm with Laurence Heller.

It has facilitated individualized and group practices for more than 30 years. He has accompanied training teams for 15 years. Currently he facilitates Supervisions, Individual Sessions, Seminars and Training in Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.


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