Somatic Psychodynamics of Attachment

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Training in SPA

takes place over two years and consists of four modules

What is it about?

The dynamics of attachment according to John Bowlby, and the resulting developmental trauma according to Laurence Heller NARM (Neuroaffective Relational Model) they often cause dysfunctions early and unconscious patterns of disconnection deeply affect our identity, emotions, physiologie, influencing our behavior and relationships

An early loss of attachment marks our identity, our emotions, and our bodily development. Research into the individual dynamics is resource-oriented in the here and now, (it is not cathartic), with an eye to the wounds of the developmental stages. 

The simultaneous exploration of the different aspects of the human being, both at the physical and psychological level, can open up new insights and agency for work with attachment and developmental trauma.

Tools and resources

Participants can explore different Dynamics theoretical and practical in small groups and in larg group the attachment dynamics and NARM (Neuro-affective Relational Model)

> Function of the autonomic and central nervous system.

> Theorie Stephen Porges in relation to social engagement.

> Understanding Co-regulation

> Healthy attachment and disturbance

> Healthy touch

> The cycle of healing and work from top to bottom and vice versa.

Interview with Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser

Do you want to know your attachment style?

Take the test offered by Dr. Diana Pooler Heller. 


The 4 modules

The training is aimed at professionals who work with people and for those interested in amplifying their psycho-physical-emotional experience.

Training offered in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.Qualified translator with long experience translating in this field.

Module 1
  • The nervous system in relation to arousal / activation, immobility, rest.
  • Explore resources
  • Overview to the 5 survival styles: connection, attunment, trust, autonomie – will, Love and sexuality
  • Exploring healthy touch
Module 1
Module 2
  • Connection survival style
    • Understanding what the child missed
    • Although the resouce this people have
  • Learning about language
    • Asking exploratory questions
  • Attunment survival style
Module 2
Module 3
  • Trust survival style
  • Supporting shifts from where you come and what happens in the here and now
  • Trust and mistrust
  • Dynamic of power
  • Understanding the dynamic in growing
    • Physicly, emotional
Module 3
Module 4
  • Autonomie - will survival style
  • Love and sexuality survival style
  • Intimacy
  • Heartconnection
  • Integration of the work processes learned.
Module 4

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Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser

Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser, renowned therapist in Europe in the field of the effects of shock trauma and developmental trauma. He developed his own training "Somatic Psychodynamics of Attachment". She is a NARM trainer, and a member of the Somatic Experiencig® faculty.

Trained in Behavioral Activation Therapy, in PCA Client-Centered Therapy with Carl Rogers, in ISP (Comprehensive Somatic Psychology), in Somatic Experience with Peter Levine, and in Narm (neuro-affective relational model). She works primarily with shock and trauma effects.

Individualized and group practices with experience of more than 30 years. It carries out Supervisions, Individual Sessions and Seminars in Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

Her work focuses on people. She works with the effects of shock and trauma in rape-abuse, prenatal reflexes and their impulses, embryology, understanding of the organs in relation to the shock of trauma, understanding… etc.

She has accompanied training teams for 15 years. She has a great variety of approach due to her long years of experience, which together with her curiosity, presence and attention gives her a unique and close character to people.


Details of the training in Somatic Attachment Psychodynamics.

Dates 2024-2025:

1st module: 25 to 28 APRIL
2nd module: 17 to 20 OCTOBER
3rd module: APRIL 3 to 6
4th module: 23 to 26 OCTOBER

10 to 13.30h and 15h to 18h


Trafalgar street, 48, 08003 Barcelona

Price: 600/module

advance payment of €300

Payment Methods:
· each module
· Split payment (ask) ¡¡ SOLICITA EL PDF !!

Limited places! 

People who have completed the training and want to do it again will have a 50% discount

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