Online Sessions

What are they?

The Online sessions are a space of time that we offer ourselves, being a support for ourselves and in our relationships.

We will support the restoration of the psycho-physiological balance being sustained in a loving, subtle and safe way step by step until the liberation of the nervous system from vital energy overloads.

In our therapeutic work we use family constellations with the support of Somatic Experience and the different attachment styles according to John Bowlby, to help us understand in a broader and deeper way the behavioral strategies created in our childhood that we still use today in our family, work and couple relationships.

Together we can explore


Behavior patterns


Childhood or adult life trauma

Any day-to-day constraint



Satyarthi currently resides in Barcelona. In 1998 she facilitated her first family constellation workshops in Germany, and later in 2000 she came to Spain where she has been teaching workshops and training cycles on family constellations. She trained her in systemic therapy with Bert Hellinger, Gunther Weber, J. Scheider, and Hunter Beaumont. In this field, she has specialized in couple relationships and professional-business success.

He trained in Somatic Experience, trauma therapy (Dr. Peter Levine) at Uta Akedemie in Cologne - Germany, where he is part of the therapeutic team.

His beginnings in the therapeutic world were in 1974 with bioenergetics therapy. He participated in primary therapies, meditation fields and different mindfulness techniques in the Osho commune, in India, where he lived for more than 12 years and where he created the Institute of Ergonomics and Resonance (W. Reich)

After Osho's death he moved to Los Angeles where he worked with Trance and Hypnosis techniques at the Utsava Institute. He conducted shamanism camps facilitated by Patrice Malidoma. Before returning to Europe in the late 1990s, he lived in Brazil where he facilitated shamanism groups, and learned permaculture.


Sesiones online


Oscillate between 1h and 1.30h


Spanish, English and German.


The session is done with one of the services listed above.

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