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When yoga comes into your life, something changes in you

Yoga with Prabhati

El yoga es una de las vías de trasmisión y desarrollo para el ser humano a cualidades de inteligencia, resiliencia, rigor, humildad, discernimiento, comprensión, simplicidad, creatividad…

Hatha yoga provides a balance of energies in our body, and our autonomic nervous system, and it is based on common sense. It is done from full attention and sensitivity, with understanding and precision towards the practice to be performed. 

Breathing is one of the basic and essential elements to bring our attention, again and again. She is the union between body and mind, and is a clear reflection of tension as well as kind and loving work. 

Pranayama techniques regulan las energías, y desintoxican el organismo.

Pratyahara practices, llamadas técnicas de meditación, serán el puntal de la sesión de yoga, junto con prácticas de relajación que proporcionan una gran liberación de tensión psicofísica y emocional. Según el yoga, el desarrollo de la atención es el paso inicial hacia el estado de meditación. Desde ahí la atención va pasando a un estado de concentración natural hasta desembocar al estado de meditación. 

Observing carefully what happens passively, not actively, can lead us to a state of presence, of being centered and relaxed. 


With continued practice (Abhyasa) we obtain calidad de vida

Release of stagnant-tense energy in our physical body, offering us more comfort, flexibility, physical and mental harmony.
More presence and awareness of the sensations of the body, to move into deeper states of consciousness.
involving health in our organs, muscles and tissues.
We will feel more relaxed, open and more aware of how we act and function in life.
We will gain emotional resilience: the ability to hold emotions, without controlling or repressing them.
The enjoyment, creativity, common sense, innate intelligence will be present in our day to day, giving us quality of interior life and with people, animals, things.
Know how to deal with difficult situations, face challenges better, put aside criticism, judgments, evaluations towards ourselves and others.



Integrative Emotional Psychosomatic Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher accredited by Aepy in 2006. She has attended different yoga-meditation seminars with different Spanish and French teachers; Ramon Cases, Conchita Morera, Manuel Morata, Patrick Tomatis, Danilo hernández and Sergio Pose.

In 2010 she had a deeper contact with the teachings of Osho by completing the training cycle in active meditations at the Uta Institute in Cologne - Germany.

Later, in 2012, he began her exploration of Gurdjieff's teachings, conducting training in India facilitated by Amiyo and Chetan.

She currently offers seminars practically focused on the development of attention, making use of her learning and her own personal experience.

Her passion is learning and sharing, receiving and giving. The transmission of her work is based on presence and love.


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