Body awareness and spirituality

Wuwei means action without action, doing without doing, allowing whatever you want to happen, and this is the way love moves. Being in harmony, in tune, is a deep orgasmic relationship with the whole and this is the meaning of wuwei and the meaning of love. It is the key to body awareness and spirituality.

Foto de Satyarthi Wuwei

"Spiritual is to agree to life as it is, common life with its tasks, with its desire, with its difficulty, as it is."

- Bert Hellinger
Módulos de Constelaciones familiares

Family constellations with Somatic Experience

Bert Hellinger discovered with his family constellations the most incredible tool to make our present physical-psycho-emotional state visible.

Online sessions

Online individual sessions are a space of time that we offer ourselves, being a support for ourselves and in our relationships.

Formación en Psicodinámica del apego

Somatic Psychodynamics of Attachment

An early loss of attachment marks our identity, our emotions, and our bodily development. The exploration of specific dynamics is focused on resources / supports and is not cathartic.


The Rebelious Spirit

Deep in our hearts, as men, we feel a constant longing for freedom, adventure and independence.

Love and Sexuality

Las diferentes etapas de crecimiento determinan el poder, la vulnerabilidad, y la dinámica evitativa al amor y a la sexualidad en las relaciones adultas.

Limite saludable y límite herido

The dynamics that are created around guilt and shame are reactions to the lack of support and relational attunement on the part of parents.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga is one of the ways of transmission and development for the human being to qualities of intelligence, effort, honesty, simplicity...


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