Family Constellations

Creating Secure Relationships

"The ability to clearly express your needs makes you feel more whole, safer and more secure."

Módulos de Constelaciones familiares

Family Constellations with Somatic Experience

Bert Hellinger discovered with his family constellations the most incredible tool to make our present physical-psycho-emotional state visible.

Online Sessions

Online individual sessions are a space of time that we offer ourselves, being a support for ourselves and in our relationships.

Formación en Psicodinámica del apego

Somatic Psychodynamics of Attachment

An early loss of attachment marks our identity, our emotions, and our bodily development. The exploration of specific dynamics is focused on resources / supports and is not cathartic.


Waking Retreat

We judge ourselves for feeling the way we do. We will be aware of the pattern and our participation in it, until we reach our resources

Psicosomatic Yoga

From the hand of Prabhati, group sessions and individual sessions of psychosomatic hatha yoga. Online and face-to-face

Víctima y Perpretador

In this course we want to look at situations in our lives and family systems that show dynamics between victims and perpetrators.


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