Family Constellations

with Somatic Experience

"When we have healthy ties, the pain is not so great".

What are they?

Bert Hellinger discovered with his family constellations the most incredible tool to make visible, accept and integrate our own emotional needs in our relationships. This provides us with more security and a feeling of belonging.

Our organism at birth is perfect and complete in itself. It is programmed by nature to creating healthy links.

In our therapeutic work we use family constellations to help us understand more broadly and deeply the behavioral and survival strategies we developed in our childhood.

Today, we still use these old strategies in our family, couple, work, social, etc. relationships. At the time these strategies worked, but now, perhaps not anymore.

Our body seeks and needs to feel secure, in our relationships, whether in our relationship with our caregiver as children or in our adult relationships. Feeling acknowledged opens us up to our natural spontaneity and creativity, leading to healthy and wholesome relationships.

Family constellations with Satyarthi

What can you constellate?


Couple, family, work and social.

Health disorders

physical-psychic or psychic of any kind.
de cualquier índole.


difficult behavior,
sibling relationships...

Emotional imbalances

loss of loved ones,
depressions, abuses, addictions,
general malaise...

Professional issues

work problems,
difficult economic situations,
situations of important




With more than 20 years of experience, in this field, Satyarthi transmits a way to facilitate family constellations whose starting point is the presence of the therapist in the here and now. A completely open presence, without expectations, beliefs, or intentions to direct or influence what is manifested during a constellation.

In 1998 he facilitated his first family constellation workshops in Germany, and later in 2000 he came to Spain where he has been giving workshops and training cycles on family constellations. She did her training in systemic therapy with Bert Hellinger, Gunther Weber, J. Scheider, and Hunter Beaumont. In this field, she has specialized in couple relationships and professional-business success.

He trained in Somatic Experience, trauma therapy (Dr. Peter Levine) at Uta Akedemie in Cologne - Germany, where he is part of the therapeutic team.

His beginnings in the therapeutic world were in 1974 with bioenergetics therapy. He participated in primary therapies, meditation fields and different mindfulness techniques in the Osho commune, in India, where he lived for more than 12 years and where he created the Institute of Ergonomics and Resonance (W. Reich)