Satyarthi currently resides in Barcelona. In 1998 she facilitated her first family constellation workshops in Germany, and later in the year 2000 she came to Spain where she has been giving workshops and training cycles on family constellations. She trained her in systemic therapy with Bert Hellinger, Gunther Weber, J. Scheider, and Hunter Beaumont. In this field, she has specialized in couple relationships and professional-business success.

Trained in Somatic Experience, trauma therapy (Dr. Peter Levine) at Uta Akedemie in Cologne - Germany, where he is part of the therapeutic team.

His beginnings in the therapeutic world were in 1974 with bioenergetic therapy. He participated in primary therapies, meditation fields and different mindfulness techniques in the Osho commune, in India, where he lived for more than 12 years and where he created the Institute of Ergonomics and Resonance (W. Reich)

After Osho's death he moved to Los Angeles where he worked with Trance and Hypnosis techniques at the Utsava Institute. He conducted shamanism camps facilitated by Patrice Malidoma. Before returning to Europe in the late 1990s, he lived in Brazil where he facilitated shamanism groups, and learned permaculture.

Works in English, German and Spanish.


German therapist born in South Africa. She has been an Osho sannyasin since 1981 and has been living, working and meditating in her communes for many years. She is currently part of the therapeutic team at the Uta Institute in Cologne.

Subodhi Schweizer was trained in different therapeutic techniques such as: Counseling, Dynamic Body Therapy, Tantra and different massage techniques. He began giving individual sessions in 1987.

Between 1987-1991 he trained as a therapist in groups and therapeutic trainings. Since 1990 she has facilitated groups and taught training in different parts of the world since 1999.

In her work, she gives groups and trainings on couple dynamics, body therapy, massage and meditation, as well as workshops for women and on emotional intelligence in the workplace and business, in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser

Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser, recognized European therapist in the field of shock and trauma effects, integrative healing approaches. She developed her own training in Attachment. She is a professor at NARM, and is a member of the Somatic Experiencig® faculty.

Trained in Behavioral Activation Therapy, in PCA Client-Centered Therapy with Carl Rogers, in ISP (Comprehensive Somatic Psychology), in Somatic Experience with Peter Levine, and in Narm (neuro-affective relational model). She works primarily with shock and trauma effects.

Individualized and group practices with experience of more than 30 years. It carries out Supervisions, Individual Sessions and Seminars in Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

His work focuses on people. He works with the effects of shock and trauma in rape-abuse, prenatal reflexes and their impulses, embryology, understanding of the organs in relation to the shock of trauma, understanding, etc.

Ha acompañado equipos de entrenamiento durante más de 15 años. Tiene una gran variedad de enfoque por sus largos años de experiencia, que junto con la curiosidad, la presencia y la atención dan un carácter único y cercano a las personas.


Prabhati. Yoga teacher accredited by Aepy in 2004. She has taken and continues to take different yoga – meditation seminars with Ramon Cases, Manuel Morata, Conchita Morera, Patrick Tomatis, Dilip Kumar, and Danilo Hernández.

In 2004 he met Satyarthi who opened him to the field of therapy, and with whom in 2006 he completed his training in family constellations. And from here he began to attend different psychotherapy workshops with Subodhi Schweizer and Ramateertha.

In 2010 he completed the training cycle in active Osho meditations at the Uta Institute in Cologne – Germany.

Starting in 2014 in Germany, she began taking Somatic Experience workshops with Michael Mokrus, and later with Elisabeth Schneider-kaiser until today.

Trained in Somatic Psychodynamics of attachment with Elisabeth Schneider. Currently studying Compassion Inquiry CI with Dr. Gabor Mate.

Regularly offers Yoga, meditation and individual therapy sessions.