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Who I Am is an essential retreat to carry out throughout our lives

This is a retreat where to explore the nature of being based on the most essential question of our evolutionary process and of our life: Who am I?

We all know and experience every day that when we stop for a second, sitting on the train, being alone at home, or just taking a moment to bring focus inward, then we notice that there is a constant mental chatter in our head. Words, memories, past images, and future projections.

For the most part when we realize this, we decide not to focus inward again and we prefer to occupy our time in doing, in constantly moving. This is something that happens automatically. The avoidance is in the fact that our mind is chaotic and crazy.

In this retreat in which we will have an appropriate environment to explore ourselves, if we remain open and easy then everything that scares us to see will cross like the river crosses the mountain, and what is real will remain, like the drop that dissolves in the ocean.

We can delve into the limits of our reality.

Developing the gift of detaching from the mind is one of the greatest blessings. It is all that meditation encompasses - Osho -

You will have the opportunity to get closer to the reality of who you are

We will be Supported by a certain and exclusive self-exploratory technique, and with the support of the active Osho meditations that will offer support and integration.

This self-exploration can offer us the opportunity to get closer to touching the reality of who we are. Introspection and search are words that describe this process that we will live together for 4 days in a silent space.



Satyarthi reside actualmente en Barcelona. En 1998 facilitó sus primeros talleres de  constelaciones familiares en Alemania, y posteriormente en el año 2000 vino a España donde lleva impartiendo talleres y ciclos formativos de constelaciones familiares. Realizó su formación en terapia sistémica con Bert Hellinger, Gunther Weber, J.Scheider y Hunter Beaumont.

Trained in Somatic Experience, trauma therapy (Dr. Peter Levine) at Uta Akedemie in Cologne - Germany, where he is part of the therapeutic team.

His beginnings in the therapeutic world were in 1974 with bioenergetic therapy. He participated in primary therapies, meditation fields and different mindfulness techniques in the Osho commune, in India, where he lived for more than 12 years and where he created the Institute of Ergonomics and Resonance (W. Reich)

After Osho's death he moved to Los Angeles where he worked with Trance and Hypnosis techniques at the Utsava Institute. He conducted shamanism camps facilitated by Patrice Malidoma. Before returning to Europe in the late 1990s, he lived in Brazil where he facilitated shamanism groups, and learned permaculture.



Profesora de yoga y meditación acreditada por la Aepy en el año 2006. Ha cursado en diferentes seminarios de yoga – meditación con diferentes profesores españoles y franceses.

In 2010 he had a deeper contact with the teachings of Osho by completing the training cycle in active meditations at the Uta Institute in Cologne - Germany.

Later, in 2012, he began his exploration of Gurdjieff's teachings, conducting training in India facilitated by Amiyo and Chetan.

He currently offers seminars practically focused on the development of attention, making use of his learning and his own personal experience.

His passion is learning and sharing, receiving and giving. The transmission of his work is based on presence and love.


Workshop details

July 28, 29, 30, 31 and August 1


Reception on Thursday 28 at 5pm. We start at 6pm. We finish on Sunday 1 with lunch.


420€ con descuento realizando inscripción antes del 1 de julio

A minimum of 10 people is requested to make the withdrawal


Posada Cierzo Y Sabina, Avenida Cariñena, in the town of Tosos

Reserve your place:

Deposit / transfer / bizum of € 100 as registration


IMPORTANTE > > > Es necesario traerse el saco de dormir, cojin o silla de meditación, esterilla y/o manta. SOLICITA PDF

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Satyarthi Wuwei Producer and General Organizer