Psicosomatic Yoga

When yoga comes into your life, something changes in you

Yoga with Prabhati

Yoga itself is a path of transformation and holistic wellbeing. The yoga session is a path of internalisation and transformation in the quality of the experiences we live in everyday life. 

Its main objective is the development of mindfulness, the disinterest in performing competitive and gymnastic postures, and the focus on a diverse practice of exercises that help physical, mental and energetic fluidity and well-being. 

The yoga I practice is evolutionary, inclusive and based on common sense.

It is done with full attention and sensitivity, during the session we develop attention, understanding and precision.

Thel cuerpo es el vehículo, the body is the vehicle, not the end, through which to express our full potential as human beings.



>  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 8.30pm




With continued practice (Abhyasa) we obtain calidad de vida

Release of stagnant-tense energy in our physical body, offering us more comfort, flexibility, physical and mental harmony.
Respiratory amplitude. Psycho-somatic harmony
Quality of life
Witness Consciousness; liberation of the mental states of valuation towards ourselves and towards others
We will gain emotional resilience: the ability to hold emotions, without controlling or repressing them.
The enjoyment, creativity, common sense, innate intelligence, ... Recognition of the state of grace
We will re-learn to relax, and be closer to Silence



Integrative Emotional Psychosomatic Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher accredited by Aepy in 2006. She has attended different yoga-meditation seminars with different Spanish and French teachers; Ramon Cases, Conchita Morera, Manuel Morata, Patrick Tomatis, Danilo hernández and Sergio Pose.

In 2010 she had a deeper contact with the teachings of Osho by completing the training cycle in active meditations at the Uta Institute in Cologne - Germany.

Later, in 2012, he began her exploration of Gurdjieff's teachings, conducting training in India facilitated by Amiyo and Chetan.

She currently offers seminars practically focused on the development of attention, making use of her learning and her own personal experience.

Her passion is learning and sharing, receiving and giving. The transmission of her work is based on presence and love.


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Integrative Emotional Psychosomatic Yoga Teacher