The Rebelious Spirit

Deep in our hearts, as men, we feel a constant yearning for freedom, adventure and independence. We understand freedom through saying "no", but we also have the possibility of saying "yes".

And when we say yes, what should we say "yes" to?

Men, more than women, learn in childhood to repress and control our feelings. At an early age we learn that our masculinity is something dangerous and destructive within us. The inability to express our feelings in a spontaneous and creative way, and the impossibility of saying "yes" to our own authenticity often lead us to confusion and isolation in our inner world.

Freedom begins with accepting the invitation to take responsibility for ourselves and understanding how we compromise and surrender our masculine life force, how we hide our vulnerability and how we fail to live our authentic sexuality in our relationships.

The Rebelious Spirit

In this men's workshop we will meet as brothers and friends to support and encourage each other to embark on the adventure of opening up to others. Through systemic family therapy, Somatic Experiencing (trauma-therapy), meditations and contemporary shamanism we will look together at how to sustain and maintain our relationships in a loving and healthy way. We will learn more about the obstacles and what happened that prevents us from going deeper in touch with ourselves and others.


Foto de Satyarthi Wuwei


His beginnings in the therapeutic world were in 1974 with bioenergetics therapy. He participated in primary therapies, meditation fields and different mindfulness techniques in the Osho commune, in India, where he lived for more than 12 years and where he created the Institute of Ergonomics and Resonance (W. Reich)

After Osho's death he moved to Los Angeles where he worked with Trance and Hypnosis techniques at the Utsava Institute. He conducted shamanism camps facilitated by Patrice Malidoma. Before returning to Europe in the late 1990s, he lived in Brazil where he facilitated shamanism groups, and learned permaculture.

He trained in Somatic Experience, trauma therapy (Dr. Peter Levine) at Uta Akedemie in Cologne - Germany, where he is part of the therapeutic team.



Iñaki Zulaika

You can travel outward, or you can travel inward.

Let's say that he has traveled outwards as much as his studies and work allowed him, until he discovered fatherhood, twice (Cuba, India, China, Sahara, Nepal, Tibet, Morocco, Europe...).

He also started to travel inwards more than 20 years ago, in Gestalt personal growth groups.

Free time instructor, student in school for parents, more than 10 years of active experience in men's groups, participating and facilitating.

Technical architect and bioconstructor.

Basque, Euskalduna, European aborigines as a Cuban friend used to say.

And nowadays in continuous training, Somatic Psychodynamic Attachment Development

(with Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser), somatic psychotherapy (CPSB), fatherhood, men's groups and so on.


Detalles del Retiro


From 23th to 26th of Juny 2022


Reception at 10 am and farewell on Sunday at 6 pm.



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Gema del Campo

General Producer of Satyarthi Wuwei and Organizer of workshops and retreats in Barcelona and Madrid