Victim and Perpetrator

we unconsciously choose one side or the other

The content

In this course we want to look at situations in our lives and family systems that show dynamics between victims and perpetrators.

Superficially it looks simple: one is the victim and the other is a perpetrator. But if we go deeper, we will find that it is not all that easy. Being a victim and being a perpetrator can both be a survival strategy with judgements towards the other side. We often identify and subconsciously choose one or the other side and we are not aware how unexpectedly we slip into the opposite . For example: a girl who had a violent father, often chooses a violent or aggressive husband and herself becomes violent, rigid, hard or aggressive with her own kids. She is a victim and turns into the perperrator unconsciously.

This shows, that as long as we are not fully conscious of the consequences of this dynamic, we are not able to heal or dissolve the wounds that have been created.

So if we start taking a closer look, we see the victim and perpetrator acting in our daily lives and systems. In situations like mobbing, violence, war or abuse of any kind these dynamics show up. Simply in any kind of situation where we feel inferiority or superiority we are confronted with the dynamic of victim and perpetrator.

We need to understand that a victim carries a perpetrator within and the perpetrator carries a victim within and as long as we split the two in ourselves we will be stuck in the dynamics.

In this workshop we will bring awareness

Through family constellations, practices in small groups, individual and group inquiry, sharing... we will bring understanding to our dynamics

Bringing light and understanding into the situations allows us to free ourselves. This includes a deep openness to confront ourselves with our wounds and behavior. This deep inquiry into ourselves and our systems opens up a new way of relating and living.



Psychotherapist. Naturopath. Trained in massage, coaching, dynamic body therapy, tantra, Somatic Experiencing® (SE) according to Peter Levine and Systemic Family Therapy according to Bert Hellinger. Her work focuses on body-oriented therapies and meditation. She has been a sannyasin since 1981 and since then meditation has been an integral part of her daily life. She is part of the therapeutic team of the Osho Uta Institute (Germany). She teaches individual sessions, and leads groups and training sessions in Europe, Africa and Asia.


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Friday 6 in the afternoon + Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October 2023


4pm to 8pm (Friday) + 10am to 7pm Saturday + 10am to 5pm Sunday


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NOTE: This course is part of the training in Family Constellations and Somatic Experience that is currently being studied. At the same time it is open to anyone interested in it.


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