Healthy boundary and hurt boundary

what I am, my space and what belongs to the other person

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The perceptual concept of our limits could be compared at least in part with our sense of self. This leads us to say that the more positive our life experience and the more intense the positive sensory experience associated with it, the more solid our personal sense of limit will be. Boundaries are important to differentiate whats me, my space and what belongs to the other person. If this is in a grown up awareness than we can relate with ourselve and the other person.The stronger our limits, the more secure and effective we will be in relation to the outside world.

In Sckocktrauma, the most time happens boundary rupture. This means a loose of safety, trust and orientation in timeand space what creates dysregulation and a loose of selfcontact.

In developmental trauma is a lck of knowing about "what is a good boundary" because in the different ages of growing the boundaries were hurt.

During this 3 days of course we will theoretical understand about boundaries and explore in a safe atmosphare boundaries


The concept of limit projects an entity based on the physiological and perceptible

Healthy boundary give safety and reduce stress.

Basic condition that a growen up person can go in a good self contact and in contact with other people, its a nesecary that I am in contact with myself, my healthy boundaries, emotional, with the body and energeticly. Although have a wisdom about my needs and can rest in myself.


Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser

Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser, recognized European therapist in the field of shock and trauma effects, integrative healing approaches. She developed her own training in Attachment. She is a professor at NARM, and is a member of the Somatic Experiencig® faculty.

Trained in Behavioral Activation Therapy, in PCA Client-Centered Therapy with Carl Rogers, in ISP (Comprehensive Somatic Psychology), in Somatic Experience with Peter Levine, and in Narm (neuro-affective relational model). She works primarily with shock and trauma effects.

Individualized and group practices with experience of more than 30 years. It carries out Supervisions, Individual Sessions and Seminars in Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

Her work focuses on people. She works with the effects of shock and trauma in rape-abuse, prenatal reflexes and their impulses, embryology, understanding of the organs in relation to the shock of trauma, understanding… etc.

She has accompanied training teams for 15 years. She has a great variety of approach due to her long years of experience, which together with her curiosity, presence and attention gives her a unique and close character to people.


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