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Many times we see ourselves in the role of the victim, or in the role of the perpetrator in a relationship. At such times there may be judgment on our defense or our collapse. We judge ourselves for feeling the way we do.

Being aware of the pattern and our participation in this functioning, and taking responsibility for it, can give us the possibility of modifying it.

How can I be aware of the pattern of functioning, or of my behavior?

In this retreat we will recognize the source of our roles, our wounds and their effects in our present. We will find ways of self-respect, self-care, awakening compassionate understanding towards oneself and towards others.

Meditation is the foundation to be more aware of our own behavior. Therapy through Somatic Experience and family constellations will help us to be aware of who we are.

It is necessary to inquire who am I now?

In this workshop

We will make use of Family Constellations, Somatic Experience, Trauma Theory, Integrative Somatic Yoga Movements, and various Meditation techniques.

We will be welcomed by a friendly, careful, spacious, and quiet space. They offer us simple food that is very rich in nutrients and flavor (any intolerance will be taken into account). The rooms are simple and quiet to rest well.



Satyarthi currently resides in Barcelona. In 1998 she facilitated her first family constellation workshops in Germany, and later in the year 2000 she came to Spain where she has been giving workshops and training cycles on family constellations. She trained her in systemic therapy with Bert Hellinger, Gunther Weber, J. Scheider, and Hunter Beaumont. In this field, she has specialized in couple relationships and professional-business success.

Trained in Somatic Experience, trauma therapy (Dr. Peter Levine) at Uta Akedemie in Cologne - Germany, where he is part of the therapeutic team.



Prabhati. She is a yoga teacher accredited by Aepy in 2006. She has attended different yoga-meditation seminars with different Spanish and French teachers.

In 2010 she had a deeper contact with the teachings of Osho by completing the training cycle in active meditations at the Uta Institute in Cologne - Germany.

Later, in 2012, he began her exploration of Gurdjieff's teachings, conducting training in India facilitated by Amiyo and Chetan.

She currently offers seminars practically focused on the development of attention, making use of her learning and her own personal experience.


Workshop details

Date: December 6th to 10h, 2023


We start at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesaday and end on Sunday with lunch


> 485€

Said amount includes stay with full board and retirement
Price without vat



Posada Cierzo y Sabina Avd. Cariñena, 27 – Tosos – Zaragoza

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Make the payment of €100 by paypal, bizum or bank account. The reservation will be returned (minus €20 management) if the cancellation is prior to November 20th. After this day no refunds are made.


Shared rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people. A minimum of 12 people is requested. And a maximum of 20 people.

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