Bodies and character types

according to Wilhelm Reich

Body types

Looking around in society, we notice that each person's body has its own shape. Wilhelm Reich, a psychiatrist of the 1930s, discovered that different body positions can give us an idea about the conditioning of the person and their childhood patterns.Depending on our education, we cultivate a specific form of protection.

Reich named five different body types according to the different stages of development in a child. Once we know them, we recognize ourselves in the five types, but often we find that we mainly identify with only one.
In the case of each respective tension character, Reich saw a blockage of our emotional responsiveness and an inhibition of our individuality.

The five character and body types have particular habits, preferences, fears, weaknesses, tensions, and strengths. They develop during childhood and are influenced by the social environment. The protections and tensions that develop do not allow us to express our feelings like anger, fear, sadness, joy and love freely. Not expressing these impulses prevents the flow and vibration of energy throughout our body.

Depending on our education, we cultivate a specific form of protection

In this formation

We want to see the different types of character and body.

You will learn a lot about your own conditioning and you will have a deeper understanding of the psychology of other people. The teaching of each type will have both a theoretical and practical part, offering you a deeper understanding, and helping you integrate the teaching into your own body and mind.

This training is suitable for anyone who works with people, or who simply wants to grow in their personal process.

Training open to men and women.


Subodhi Schweizer

German therapist born in South Africa. She has been an Osho sannyasin since 1981 and has been living, working and meditating in her communes for many years. She is currently part of the therapeutic team at the Uta Institute in Cologne.

Subodhi Schweizer was trained in different therapeutic techniques such as: Counseling, Dynamic Body Therapy, Tantra and different massage techniques. He began giving individual sessions in 1987.

Between 1987-1991 he trained as a therapist in groups and therapeutic trainings. Since 1990 she has facilitated groups and taught training in different parts of the world since 1999.

In her work, she gives groups and trainings on couple dynamics, body therapy, massage and meditation, as well as workshops for women and on emotional intelligence in the workplace and business, in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Workshop details

Dates 2020:

September 18, 19 and 20

Dates 2021:

January 22, 23 and 24


Friday and Saturday from 10h to 18:30h and Sunday from 10h to 17h.


350€/module. If you register before September 1, you will have 80€ discount for the total training (two modules)


El up center c/ Trafalgar 48, 3º interior. Barcelona.

Reserve your place:

By making a deposit of 100€ you confirm your place in the complete training, that is, participation in the two modules. In case of cancellation, 50% of the reservation would be lost and the other 50% would be kept for another workshop.


There is the possibility of sleeping in the center where the training is given (it has a shower and kitchen) for 20€/night (amount that the center takes entirely). Or we can also indicate you a pension or hotel in the area.

Ask us or reserve your place in the workshop


Satyarthi Wuwei Producer and General Organizer