Love and Sexuality

Dynamics of love and sexuality in adult life

The content. Explore and appreciate

This is a course for Singles and couples

In the Age of 3 - 6 years the child feels bodily, energetic, emotional lust. The child becomes awairness about the own gender and recognize I am a Girl or I am a Boy although the differentiation between mother and father.

The child has a healthy feeling of shame and shows healthy boundaries to the outside, parents, sister, brother or other grown people.

The child observe activ the parents, how do they contact: emotional, in words, are they inclined with a kind of love.

The next important Phase is 7-9, and later the puberty

About all this, we will talk and present in a friendly and understandable way how love and sexuality affect at different ages and stages of growth.

With attention and respect we will explore all of this in a theoretical and practical way through the mediation of corporal expression, sustained by a friendly and respectful atmosphere.


This different developmental stages determine the power, vulnerability, avoident dynamic to love and sexuality in growen up releationships.

We will explore

Lust and pleasue for yourself
Lust and pleasue with your partner
What are my strength in releationships, do I show it? does I live it?
What are your insecurities? how do you handle them? do you talk about it or hide it?
Do you touch your Partner, emotional, and bodyly?
Do you show your own lust to your partner ?
Suffering and insecurity


Elisabeth Schneider

Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser, recognized European therapist in the field of shock and trauma effects, integrative healing approaches. She developed her own training in Attachment. She is a professor at NARM, and is a member of the Somatic Experiencig® faculty.

Trained in Behavioral Activation Therapy, in PCA Client-Centered Therapy with Carl Rogers, in ISP (Comprehensive Somatic Psychology), in Somatic Experience with Peter Levine, and in Narm (neuro-affective relational model). She works primarily with shock and trauma effects.

Individualized and group practices with experience of more than 30 years. It carries out Supervisions, Individual Sessions and Seminars in Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

Her work focuses on people. She works with the effects of shock and trauma in rape-abuse, prenatal reflexes and their impulses, embryology, understanding of the organs in relation to the shock of trauma, understanding… etc.

She has accompanied training teams for 15 years. She has a great variety of approach due to her long years of experience, which together with her curiosity, presence and attention gives her a unique and close character to people.


Theo Kaiser

Theo Kaiser, German therapist born in 1953. He is a member of the Somatic Experiencig® faculty.

Certified in Rolfing, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Biodynamics with Dr. William M Allen.

Visceral osteopathy with Didier Prat and J.P. Barral.

Shock and Trauma Therapy with Dr. Peter Levine.

Narm with Laurence Heller.

It has facilitated individualized and group practices for more than 30 years. He has accompanied training teams for 15 years. Currently he facilitates Supervisions, Individual Sessions, Seminars and Training in Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.


Workshop details

Anahata Center - Days 25, 26 and 27 of February 2022


10h to 13h and 15h to 18th on Friday and Saturday 10h to 13h and 14.30h to 17.30h on Sunday



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Individuals sessions of Somatic Experience

Open to anyone interested, as well as to people who have or are taking the Somatic Experience Training, or the Somatic Psychodynamic Attachment Training that Elisabeth and Theo facilitate in Barcelona.

They are sessions signed and carried out by graduates in Somatic Experience.


  • Elisabeth Schneider
  • Theo Kaiser

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